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  Christo van Rensburg, enterprise data architect
  Dip Datametrics, B.Sc, M.Des.Sc
   ACS: Australian Computer Society DAMA: The Premier Organization for Data Professionals Worldwide IRMAC: Information Resource Management Association of Canada MIKE2.0: The Open Source Standard for Information Management WWISA: Worldwide Institute of Software Architects

Experience the difference
I offer leadership, advice, information and data management skills. Adding value are my vision, strategic analysis, structured process, experience, problem solving and clear communication skills.

Data governance means better data ...

Do you need high-level technical, business and management skills and experience?
Smart organisations govern and leverage their data assets for success.
I offer leadership experience, plus people and communication skills. Currently a Senior Information and Data Management Consultant, I specialise in data and information architecture, but I am also an experienced solutions architect. Leadership and process improvement are particular strengths.

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Having lived Downunder since the 1980s, I have experience in Finance, Transport, Utilities, Health, Education, and Government sectors, with knowledge of Green IT.
You can rely on me ... Christo van Rensburg

Recent success stories

  • Current and past clients.
  • Senior IDM Consultant (specialising in information and data management) at SMS Management & Technology (Sydney, NSW).
  • Project Manager (specialising in data and solutions architecture) at BC Hydro (Vancouver, BC).
  • Enterprise Data Architect (implementing data governance) at Filogix, Ltd (A Davis + Henderson Ltd Company) (Toronto, ON).
  • Senior Data Architect (implementing process improvement) at Fujitsu Australia (Sydney, NSW).
  • IT and Resource Manager (team and resource management) at Social Change Online (Sydney, NSW).
  • Management Consultant (IT management and procurement ) at Mudgee Shire Council (Mudgee, NSW).
  • Intranet Group Manager (team building, management, intranet innovation) at The University of Sydney (Sydney, NSW).
  • Professional Services Consultant (data architecture, development and training) at Sybase Professional Services (Sydney, NSW).
  • Systems Architect and Team Leader (procurement, team building, and system design) at NSW Cancer Council (Sydney, NSW).
  • Functional Analyst (requirements analysis, and data architecture) at Fujitsu/DMR Consulting (Sydney, NSW).
  • Solving the puzzle so that you can escape the maze...
    Architecture Puzzle What? How? Who? Why? When? Where?

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