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  Christo van Rensburg, solutions architect
  Dip Datametrics, B.Sc, M.Des.Sc
   ACS: Australian Computer Society DAMA: The Premier Organization for Data Professionals Worldwide IRMAC: Information Resource Management Association of Canada MIKE2.0: The Open Source Standard for Information Management WWISA: Worldwide Institute of Software Architects

My philosophy
I am a client-focused Information Management consultant, specialising in information and data architecture and solutions architecture. I have particular strengths in data governance, requirements and technical analysis.

My past experience comprises organizations of all sizes with sophisticated IT needs, both in the private and the public sector.

I design solutions...
Do you need vendor-independent advice on your organisation's information management requirements?
I will provide you with strategic advice based upon my specialised experience and customised research.

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I understand that you want results, not technical jargon. I will focus on business issues and listen to you, your business users, your technology team, and your clients. I will try to understand their needs, and offer a defined solution. I will deliver services in a competent, ethical and professional way.

Often, many clients have specific practical problems that they want me to help solve. E.g.:

  • The necessary information is not available to people who need that information
  • Ineffective information governance structures or lack of processes, standards, and best practices are hampering the organisation
  • Information architecture roadmap or major information management components (e.g. MDM, DWH) need to be updated
  • Company or product takeovers resulted in silo applications and databases and efficient solutions are needed
  • Data quality is a problem - data ownership, security and privacy need to be addressed and a data stewardship program is needed
  • Data strategy is an issue, business value of data has been overlooked and business intelligence is not reliable
  • Business rules and metadata have not been captured, or the documentation is not up to date

    Apart from providing solutions to the problems above, I can make contributions in the following areas, amongst others:

  • Information and data architecture and technical or systems business analysis
  • Information management and information governance and strategy projects
  • Design of Internet-based distributed applications with database backends
  • Data analysis, data modeling, and database and data warehouse design
  • Advice on or help with enterprise architecture and technical strategies
  • Advice on package selection,and assistance with planning and integration
  • Technical leadership and development process improvement

    Architecture Puzzle What? How? Who? Why? When? Where?
    Solving the puzzle so that you can escape the maze...

    Information management is about more than catchy phrases and colourful brochures. With my strong information management experience, I will design useable information management solution that your business or organisation needs now, but always with reference to maximizing quality and client focus. Additionally I can offer the advice and leadership skills during the implemetation phase to make it happen.

    I am accustomed to using proven tools, modern techniques and best practices to design solid, reliable solutions which will meet your and other users' needs and expectations, yet minimising customisation. The solution will minimise your support and maintenance costs by being technically robust, yet flexible.

    I have worked with small to large organizations in the public and the private sectors, including enterprise-wide projects in the transport, finance, utilities, education, and healthcare industries, and technology vendors.

    I am based in Sydney, NSW, but can easily travel to Canberra, Melbourne or further afield (including regional and rural areas).

    My management experience will ensure that timelines, as well as scope and budget, are kept in balance. I can take responsibility for a whole project, or part thereof.

    For better results, choose me to apply my considerable skills and experience to your problem space.

    Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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