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  Christo van Rensburg, solutions architect
  Dip Datametrics, B.Sc, M.Des.Sc
   ACS: Australian Computer Society DAMA: The Premier Organization for Data Professionals Worldwide IRMAC: Information Resource Management Association of Canada MIKE2.0: The Open Source Standard for Information Management WWISA: Worldwide Institute of Software Architects

What can I do for you?
I offer solution design, advice and leadership.

How will I do it?
I will produce quality work using industry standard methods and tools.

How do you know it will work?
I have the skills, the experience, and a successful track record to back up my analyses and designs.

I design solutions...
Do you want usable Information Management systems with the information your organisations needs?
If you need to understand the information held by your organisation, and make it available to all those who need it, I can help you to map your information assets to your information needs.

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Your IT systems are important tools for your business, but your data is the life blood of your organisation. Focussed on data, information and knowledge, I have a strong interest in finding innovative and creative ways to communicate information, using advanced technology. I offer result-oriented, definable solutions - not hidden behind technical jargon - while keeping focussed on the goals of the organization and sensitive to the needs of users and clients.

What can I do for you?
Advice and leadership
Analysis, problem solving, foresight, good planning, communication, and coordination are some of my core skills. I can provide straight-forward vendor-independent advice and guidance on knowledge strategies - on internal projects and on out-sourced projects - to help you (or your client) manage your investment. Alternatively I can provide technical leadership, supervision, and process improvement.

Information management and data architecture
Data is central to business information systems. The goal of data management is to meet and exceed the information needs of all the stakeholders in the enterprise in terms of information availability, security, and quality. Data governance is the exercise of authority and control (planning, monitoring, and enforcement) over the management of data assets.
Data architecture is an integrated set of specification artefacts used to define data requirements, guide integration and control of data assets, and align data investments with business strategy.

Solution design
My experience enables me to help you piece together your own solutions from the avalanche of new and legacy products and technologies. Focussing on information management, I can assist you with evaluating hardware and software platforms, development tools, and data storage tools for your organisation or client. I can survey the market and recommend a short list of appropriate solutions, with their costs and benefits. And I can help with planning, implementation, installation, integration, testing, training and mentoring.

Systems business analysis and architecture
Systems architecture is the process and discipline of producing efficient and effective information systems. Business modeling helps to identify business processes, data, outcomes and the relationships between them. Business and technical needs are documented, analysed, and responded to. An architecture roadmap will lead the way forward.

Software architecture and integration
Software architecture is the important design decisions about software components and the interactions between those components that comprise the systems. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) has evolved rapidly with the recent adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services.

How will I do it?
How I work
I know that every business or organization has its own unique needs. A solution for your business needs to be aligned with your business goals, in consultation with all the relevant stakeholders. An appropriate level of analysis and design artefacts (documents, models and diagrams) will be produced to support the solution. I can work within or alongside your established team.

Processes and procedures
I use tried and trusted industry standard methods, tools and techniques to design solutions. I can adapt to your methods and processes, or I can suggest pragmatic guidelines that can be adapted to the needs of your project, a lightweight process (based upon Agile Methods) which is not document-driven, but is focussed on results.

IBM Data Governance Unified Process

IBM Data Governance Unified Process

What artifacts can I deliver
I routinely produce executive level documentation, business proposals and requirements analysis reports. I am adept at producing architectural diagrams, data models for database and/or data warehouse designs (conceptual, logical, normalised, dimensional models), screen flow diagrams, mock-ups of the user interfaces (computer screens), and high-level application system designs as necessary. I can create a project plan, or work within a plan created by your project management team.

How do you know it will work?
My results
I have considerable skills and experience in my fields of specialisation, and have completed many successful projects. I have worked with many
organisations, and their clients, and keep an eye on scope, budgets and timelines. References are available on request.

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